Brains and Neurons

For today's post I decided to go for something more artistic, rather than accurate infographics. I did three different approaches inspired by the neuroscience field.

First, an image of a mouse brain. I used a sagittal mouse brain stained with Nissl staining as a reference but I changed some of the colors to make it more vibrant.

Mouse brain

My second piece is a painting of pyramidal neurons.  I wanted to do a more artistic representation and play more with digital touches, so I created a GIF of the image. My abstract representation of the neuronal firing and that’s why you see them lighting.

Pyramidal neurons firing

Pyramidal neurons firing

Blowfly vision neurons

Lastly, for my third painting I decided to go away from accuracy (compared to the first painting shown here) and have a piece of abstract art. This painting is inspired by the visual system of the male blowfly, which has a mushroom/tree shape. The image that you see is actually a color inverse image of the actual painting.

Comment below, what do you think about these different paintings? Which one do you like more, abstract or more realistic?